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Contact Lens Recycling

Have you ever wondered if contact lenses and their packaging are recyclable? They are not recyclable through our traditional blue bins. Introducing our new TerraCycle recycling bin for ALL types/brands of contact lenses in our office! Thank you Bausch & Lomb for bringing this wonderful opportunity to our community.

Contact lenses, blister packs, and the foils were too small for standard recycling bins, and often filtered out ending up in landfills anyway. When contact lenses are flushed down into our sewage, they end up in our oceans, lakes, streams, and other parts of the environment. They may be small, but when you consider how often daily contact lenses are consumed it can accumulate quickly!

Any contact lens brands, blister packs, and foils can be placed in our bin. Every contact counts! Just collect all of your recyclable materials, dispose of the contact lens solution, place them in a plastic resealable bag, and you can drop them in the bin inside our office!

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